our approach

We aim at applying the beneficial values of competitive sports into competitive gaming: 

  • Persistence
  • Excellence
  • Self-confidence

NOVOS is a training platform for gamers who want to improve their skills and perform better. We construct personalized, scheduled training programs by using the best content and training methodologies used in sports.

NOVOS views esports through the lens of traditional sports, this is the sport of tomorrow.


Many young kids mention gaming as their main hobby. We get it, the world has changed. Gaming is no longer a fringe hobby, but a mainstream activity. Just like traditional sports, committing to your passion, your competitive outlet, requires discipline and guidance. That is what we at NOVOS offer. A well-structured and balanced training plan with an emphasis on dedication to the improvement process. A young person's ability to commit to self-improvement is a valuable skill to have. Due to the fact they enjoy playing Fortnite, motivation isn't an obstacle. Our goal is to help each individual player maximize their potential through the most appropriate training regimen

Well Being

NOVOS is a training platform that incorporates a holistic approach to gaming. We integrate mental training tools, stretching, and mental breaks into the schedule. We believe that high performance gaming should be built from the ground up. Gamers should stay healthy and resilient so they can maximize their performance. Healthy gamers are great gamers, we believe this and we communicate it to our users. Reminding our users to take active breaks which contribute to their performance, and health as well.


Our platform was designed with the assistance of coaches and psychologists in order to provide the best learning experience. The way training programs are designed grants the greatest tool of all: the ability to learn new skills. In addition to learning new skills on Fortnite, users also learn about the process of learning itself. Being patient, setting goals and building on previous achievements. This skill set can be applied to every aspect of life.

Professional development

Esports has grown rapidly. In addition to the flow of capital into competitive gaming, traditional sports, and schools are starting to notice. Colleges and high schools now have esports teams and award scholarships to attract the best athletes. In the same way that sports demand discipline and training, we provide the greatest competitive advantage for esports. Being a part of the professional gaming industry is a platform for future development in a market with tremendous potential.


Competitive gaming has been shown to enhance problem solving significantly. The number of factors a player must weigh in a game is unparalleled in any other field. Gaming has also been shown to improve cognitive ability and brain development, hand-eye coordination, as well as resilience. Gaming may sometimes seem like a fun pastime, but kids are gaining skills they can use in the future. Experiencing enhanced cognitive development and mental capacity. Finally, being a part of the industry of tomorrow.

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